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Case Study

How we built a Property Management company's website from scratch to save the business owner hours every day.

MyPMPro, A Property Management Company based in the Greater Toronto Area was looking to increase brand awareness to out of province investors, improve sales, and bring existing and new clients to their client portal.

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Project Overview

Our Mission

Recognizing the limitations of their virtually nonexistent digital presence, MyPMPro partnered with Arkonstructs to establish a robust online platform.

Case Study - How we built a Property Management website from scratch to save the business owner 2+ hours EVERY DAY - MyPMPro
MyPMPro Hero Section

The primary goals were clear:

  • Boost brand awareness to attract investors from outside the province.
  • Improve sales through effective online lead generation.
  • Facilitate access to a client portal for property status updates, payments, and more.


Challenges & Pain Points

MyPMPro’s lack of a digital brand was a significant barrier to reaching potential investors and streamlining operations for current clients. The absence of an online platform meant missed opportunities for lead generation and inefficiencies in client communication and payment processing.

The Arkonstructs Solution

Arkonstructs crafted a bespoke 5-page website focusing on lead capture through a strategically placed contact form and seamless access to a client login portal. This portal allows investors to monitor their property’s progress, make payments, and collect revenues with ease. The design prioritized responsiveness across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, with a unique feature on mobile: a SMS button for immediate text communication with the property manager.


Utilizing content provided by MyPMPro, Arkonstructs painted a vivid picture of the company’s offerings across the website. The home page was designed as an inviting landing page to attract visitors, while supplementary pages provided detailed information about MyPMPro’s services. The process involved two rounds of revisions, ensuring the final product perfectly aligned with MyPMPro’s vision and objectives.


Case Study - How we built a Property Management website from scratch to save the business owner 2+ hours EVERY DAY - MyPMPro
We created a slider that showed every large company that MyPMPro had tenants of, to show their credibility in garnering high-quality tenants for worry-free investors.
Results & Impact

The new website transformed how MyPMPro interacts with its clients and prospects. Current investors now utilize the portal for comprehensive service access, while potential clients can independently explore services, significantly saving time for MyPMPro’s property managers. This self-service model has warmed leads, making the sales process more efficient.

The addition of a Google Business Profile and an integrated widget displaying up-to-date Google Reviews on the website further solidified MyPMPro’s online presence, enhancing trust and credibility among prospective clients.

MyPMPro Services Page - Arkonstructs Web Design
Services section to outline MyPMPro vs. its competitors, clearly outlining why investors should choose them.
Testimonial & Conclusion

Jason, the owner of MyPMPro, expressed his satisfaction: “The website has been a game-changer for our business. It not only saves us time but also significantly improves our service delivery and lead generation. Arkonstructs understood our needs and delivered beyond our expectations.”

MyPMPro’s journey from a digital nonentity to a property management powerhouse in the GTA is a testament to the transformative power of strategic web design and SEO optimization. Arkonstructs invites businesses seeking similar growth and efficiency to get in touch and explore how a tailored online presence can elevate their brand and operations.

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