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Case Study

Case Study - How Nissi Homes increased their conversions after running Facebook Paid Ads with a landing page.

Nissi Homes is a trusted roofing experts serving the GTA. With years of experience, they specialize in providing reliable roofing solutions for residential and commercial properties, offering prompt service and quality craftsmanship.

Web Design Services

Branding & Branding Guideline,  Mobile and Desktop Responsive Landing Page Design, and Local-SEO Optimization.

Project Overview

Our Mission

Crafted with care and expertise, Nissi Homes is to empower businesses with impactful digital platforms that elevate their lead generation strategies. Through innovative design and strategic implementation, we're dedicated to helping our clients thrive in today's competitive landscape


The primary goals for this project were as follows:

  1. To design an engaging and informative landing page that highlights the Nissi Homes’ roofing services, emphasizing the ease of obtaining free estimates and scheduling service appointments directly online.
  2. To build a robust digital brand identity that resonates with both residential and commercial property owners within the region, positioning the company as the go-to expert for all roofing needs.
  3. To implement an effective local SEO strategy that enhances online visibility and attracts the target audience in the specific service areas, ensuring the company appears prominently in searches related to roofing services.
Challenges & Pain Points

Prior to our collaboration with Nissi, the roofing company faced significant online visibility challenges, which hindered its ability to connect with potential customers in the digital space. The lack of a compelling and user-friendly online presence made it difficult to effectively showcase their expertise and services, as well as to generate and convert leads efficiently.

The Arkonstructs Solution

Arkonstructs expertly developed a landing page with an emphasis on direct call-to-action (CTA) features, such as prominently placed phone numbers and an immediate SMS/call button for quick communication on mobile devices. This landing page was crafted to ensure responsiveness across various devices, offering a flawless user experience. The content accentuated Nissi Homes’ distinctive selling points: comprehensive roofing solutions that include emergency repairs, lasting installations, and a robust guarantee of satisfaction to ensure peace of mind for homeowners and commercial clients alike.

NissiHomes Website Desktop and Mobile Responsive - Arkonstructs Web Design

The homepage was carefully designed to serve as an inviting landing page aimed at drawing in and converting visitors. The hero section prominently featured the company’s introduction, detailed its wide range of roofing services, and highlighted its service regions. A striking header, “Transforming Homes with Expert Roofing Services,” was thoughtfully positioned to grab attention and immediately communicate the company’s value proposition. The project underwent three rounds of revisions, focusing on fine-tuning the content and design to ensure the messaging was precise and the navigation path was streamlined for maximum conversion efficiency.

A process flow for Nissi Homes in order to outline to potential customers how the business work with their clients
Results & Impact

The impact of the landing page was instantly recognizable, resulting in a significant uptick in lead generation and direct inquiries via the embedded contact form and instant contact CTAs. This immediate success in digital engagement and lead conversion has encouraged Nissi Homes to broaden their service offerings beyond their initial area, applying the same successful strategy to extend their reach across other regions. The efficacy of the digital platform and strategy has become a cornerstone for Nissi Homes’ expansion plans, underlining the landing page’s pivotal role in driving business growth.

Conclusion & Next Steps

Nissi Homes’ evolution from an online obscurity to a venture with a persuasive digital footprint underscores the remarkable impact of precise web design and digital marketing tactics. The landing page’s efficiency in lead generation and streamlining immediate service appointments has laid a robust groundwork for broadening their digital marketing initiatives to encompass additional services and regions within the area.

Arkonstructs takes immense pride in having contributed to Nissi Homes’ digital evolution. We are eager to continue supporting their expansion and to assist other enterprises in achieving comparable online success. Should you wish to bolster your digital presence and propel your business objectives forward, please leave a comment below or reach out to us to discover how our expertise can benefit you.

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