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Case Study

In 7 days, we combined paid ads + a landing page to help Bed Bug Heat Quest increase sales DRASTICALLY.

Bed Bug Heat Quest, a specialist in chemical-free bed bug removal treatments, serves the Greater Toronto Area with innovative heat treatment solutions. 

Web Design Services

Branding & Branding Guideline,  Mobile and Desktop Responsive Landing Page Design, and Local-SEO Optimization.

Project Overview

Our Mission

Facing the challenge of increasing sales to property managers and homeowners, they realized the need to establish a strong digital brand and online presence. Partnering with Arkonstructs, their goal was to develop a landing page that not only captured leads but also facilitated immediate action for bed bug inspections and treatments.

Bed Bug Heat Quest Desktop Hero Section - Arkonstructs Web Design
Bed Bug Heat Quest's Hero Section. The primary focus is to get potential customers on the desktop to put in their email information. Our carefully crafted Header makes sure to talk about who we are, what we do, and where we service.

The primary goals were clear:

  • To create a compelling landing page that emphasizes lead capture and immediate inspection bookings.
  • To establish a digital brand presence tailored for property managers and homeowners in the GTA.
  • To leverage local SEO to ensure visibility to the right audience.
Challenges & Pain Points

Before the intervention, Bed Bug Heat Quest lacked a digital footprint, limiting its ability to reach potential clients online. The absence of a direct and engaging online platform made it challenging to communicate their value proposition effectively and capture leads efficiently.

The Arkonstructs Solution

Arkonstructs crafted a landing page focusing on immediate call-to-action (CTA) mechanisms, including prominently displayed phone numbers and an SMS/call button for instant communication on mobile devices. The landing page was designed to be responsive across all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience. The content highlighted Bed Bug Heat Quest’s unique selling propositions: a one-day, 100% chemical-free bed bug removal process and a reassuring 12-month bed bug-free guarantee.

Bed Bug Heat Quest Mobile & Desktop Landing Page Design - Arkonstructs Web Design for Contractors
On mobile view, you can see the SMS and Call buttons on the bottom left and right of the screen to allow constant access for potential customers.

The homepage was meticulously designed as an engaging landing page to attract and convert visitors. The hero section introduced the company, outlined its services, and specified its operational area. The compelling header, “Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Just 1 Day, 100% Chemical-Free!” alongside the sub-header, “Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 12-month bed bug-free guarantee,” was strategically placed to capture attention and convey value immediately. The project involved two rounds of revisions to refine the content and design, ensuring the message was clear and the user journey was optimized for conversions.

Bed Bug Heat Quest's Landing Page Process Section - Arkonstructs Web Design
To further build credibility, we included a video outlining how the bed bugs are treated and a block to outline how long they've been in business, their 24/7 availability, how quickly it takes to get rid of the bed bugs, and how safe it is to get the treatment done.
Results & Impact

The landing page’s success was immediate, leading to an increase in lead capture and direct inquiries through the integrated contact form and immediate contact CTAs. The effectiveness of the digital strategy and platform has prompted Bed Bug Heat Quest to expand their services to other parts of the GTA, replicating the approach due to the landing page’s success.

Bed Bug Heat Quest Contact Form - Arkonstructs Web Design
The overall goal of the landing page is to collect potential customers' information, to make sure we can keep them on our email list and remain top-of-mind for whenever they have any bed bug removal needs.
Conclusion & Next Steps

Bed Bug Heat Quest’s journey from a digital nonentity to a business with a compelling online presence showcases the transformative power of targeted web design and digital marketing strategies. The success of the landing page in generating leads and facilitating immediate bookings has set a solid foundation for expanding their digital marketing efforts to other services and areas within the GTA.

Arkonstructs is proud to have been a part of Bed Bug Heat Quest’s digital transformation journey. We look forward to continuing to support their growth and helping other businesses achieve similar success online. If you’re seeking to enhance your online presence and drive your business goals, leave a comment below or contact us to see how we can help.

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